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CH Quinney's Red Zone

Otter boxer

Otter is our very first home-bred Champion. Otter gets her unique name from my son William. He was 10 years old at the time she was born and was helping me whelp the litter. He commented on how she looked like a little river otter pup when she was first born and still had her tail. The name stuck and she has been Otter ever since. Otter was not only my first home-bred Champion but she is also my first mostly owner handled champion. We learned a lot along the way together. Terri Galle stepped in to get her last major when I was at home whelping puppies. Otter has the best temperament you will ever find in a boxer. She is smart, sweet, easy going, will work for food, just the right amount of drive, I could go on and on. I wish every boxer I bred could have Otter's temperament. Sadly Otter was not meant for the whelping box and had several failed litters. Otter is my younger son Todd's dog and now just hangs out with him and keeps him warm at night.  

Echo/Doppler performed by Dr. Luis Braz-Ruivo DVM, DACVIM

No murmur, Flow Rate 1.67

Multiple 24 Hour Holters - Normal

OFA Thyroid - normal, TgAA Negative

OFA DM - Negative


boxers and boston terriers
boxer and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
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