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Much love, time and planning goes into each and every puppy we produce. Therefore, where and with whom they spend the rest of their lives is of utmost importance to us. Please take a moment to read about how we raise and place our puppies. If you feel that one of our puppies would be a good fit for your family then please visit our Contact/Application page and send in your application. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

How We Raise Our Puppies:

    Our puppies are raised here in our home. They are born in my room and spend their first 3-4 weeks there beside my bed. Around 4 weeks of age, they move to the centrally located Sun Room where they have their own special play pen, potty area, crates and jungle gym. Our Sun Room has it's own outside access so we can easily take the puppies outside for potty time and their outside play area.

      Our Puppies are raised with our three children and older boxers. We incorporate the "Bio Sensor Super Dog" program also know as Early Neurological Stimulation for the first 16 days of our puppies lives; Sound Desensitization and the Puppy Culture Program. Our goal is to produce boxers with the most stable temperaments possible. Genetics play a huge role in this, but how a puppy is raised from birth through its first two years of life can make or break the genetic foundation that a puppy is born with.  We encourage all of our puppy families to continue their puppies education with a Puppy Culture Program developed especially for families bringing home new puppies. You can learn more about Puppy Culture by visiting their website. Puppy Culture Website

Pricing, Deposits and Picks:

    As of January 1, 2024, due to the rising cost of raising a litter of puppies, our Boxer Puppies will be $3000.00, regardless of color or sex; and our Boston Terrier Puppies will be $3500.00 They are all raised the same way and receive the same love and attention. We encourage all puppy families to remain open to sex and color and focus more on temperament and health.

    If a family has finished the Application Process and we have a current or upcoming litter we will take a limited number of deposits. Deposits are non-refundable except for in the case that we do not have a puppy for you or one that meets your specifications. In this case you can choose to a.) have your deposit refunded or b.) transfer your deposit to our next litter. Your deposit will go towards the final purchase price of your puppy. Pet Puppy Picks are determined in order of the deposits received and are not done until 7-8 weeks of age after our final Puppy Evaluations. Show/Breeding/Performance prospects will not be available for Pet Puppy Picks.

    Our hope in every litter we breed is that we will have one or two puppies that we believe conform closely to the breed standard and would be valuable assets to continue on with in a breeding and showing program. This cannot be determined when the puppies are very young. By 6-8 weeks of age, once the puppies are moving around well, we can get a good idea of the individual puppies' structures. We do a formal and final Puppy Evaluation between 7-8 weeks of age on our Boxer Puppies and 8-10 weeks of age on our Boston Terrier Puppies. At this point we determine which puppies will go to Pet Homes and which will be Show/Breeding/Performance Prospects. Pet Puppy Placements will NOT be determined before this time.

    We do retain the right to veto a pick if we feel that the puppy would not be a good fit for your family. Remember our main priority is the quality of life of the puppy and peace and happiness of the family. If a puppy does not fit the needs of a family or a puppy is too much for a family, then it becomes a burden and unpleasant for both parties. Those situations normally end up with a puppy being return to it's breeder. Our goal is to keep this from happening by making sure the puppy's temperament is a good fit for it's family from the beginning. Hence, the right to veto a puppy pick if we do not feel it would be a good match.


Boxer Puppy Color:

    We only breed Boxers that comply with AKC Boxer Breed Standard. Our puppies will be fawn, brindle or white. No Sealed Brindle (black), Black and Tan, Blue or any other fad colors. A Boxer of any other color than fawn, brindle or white has been mixed with some other breed somewhere back in it's pedigree.

    There are a lot of myths floating around about white boxers and their health. I would be more than happy to discuss these with you and alleviate your fears. The only difference between a white puppy and a colored puppy is that about 18% of white boxers are deaf. The deafness is due to the piebald gene that produces the flashy markings and white puppies. This piebald gene is present in many breeds and is not something specific to boxers, nor does it cause any other type of health ailments. For example, Dalmatians, Boston Terriers, Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Huskies and English Setters all carry the same piebald gene that a boxer does.

    A deaf puppy is not an inferior puppy. They do require different training because they cannot hear verbal cues. Deaf puppies are taught using hand signals. Deaf puppies are not dumb. They learn just as easily as a hearing puppy, just via different means. Not every home is prepared for training a deaf puppy. Any deaf puppies that may be born here at Quinney's Boxers will be placed specially in loving homes equipped to train a deaf puppy.

Boston Terrier Puppy Color:

    We only breed Boston Terriers that comply with the AKC Boston Terrier Breed Standard. Our puppies will be brindle, black or seal with a degree of white markings. A Boston Terrier of any other color than the Standard brindle, black or seal has been mixed with some other breed somewhere back in it's pedigree.


Boxer and Boston Terrier Contract:

    Our puppies are sold on a Contract/Sales Agreement. That agreement includes and 18 month health warranty specific for each breed. Our Boxer warranty covers Aortic Stenosis, Sub-Aortic Stenosis, Boxer Cardiomyopathy and Thyroid Disease. Our Boston Terrier warranty covers Genetic Eye Conditions, BAER Hearing and Patellar Luxation. We cannot give a warranty for cancer. There are no studies or test to date that can predict whether or not a dog will get cancer. It is also believed that environmental factors contribute greatly to cancer and we cannot control the environmental factors of our puppies once they leave our care. EVERY Boxer pedigree out there has one form of cancer or another in it.

    Pet puppies are placed with Limited AKC Registration and a spay/neuter agreement. Recent studies show that early spaying and neutering are not beneficial for the long term health of a dog. Therefore we require that pet homes wait until their puppy has reached physical maturity before being altered. I am more than happy to discuss this with you and provide you with additional resources. 

    We subscribe to a Minimal Vaccine Schedule and your puppy will come with it's age appropriate Distemper and Parvo vaccines. Puppies will also have age appropriate worming and a 7 week Health Check and fecal from our veterinarian. 

    Puppies will be micro-chipped before leaving. Our puppies micro-chips come with a pre-paid lifetime enrollment. As the breeder, we will stay on the puppies microchip as a secondary emergency contact for the life of the puppy. After the sale the primary microchip information will be transferred to the new owner. 

    If at any time during the lifetime of your puppy you can no longer keep it, we require that the puppy/adult be returned to us. Our puppies can never be placed with any type of shelter, rescue or another family or individual. They must come back to us and we will be responsible for re-homing them.

    In the past 10-15 years there has been a great trend towards grain free dog kibble. Even more recently it has been discovered that these grain free are kibbles are causing or increasing the risk of diet induced cardiomyopathy in dogs and cats. Due to this and because Boxers are already at risk for heart issues, we require that your puppy NOT be feed any kibble which includes any form of peas, or potatoes in their ingredients. There are multitudes of good kibbles available to use with your puppy that are not grain free. Any feeding of grain free kibble nullifies the health warranty on our puppies.

Boxer and Boston Terrier Show Puppies:

    As we said, our hope is that each litter will produce at least 1-2 Show/Breeding Prospects. We treat every Show/Breeding home on an individual basis. Please fill out the Application and let us know about your interest in showing or breeding. Whether or not you have experience showing, if you are new to showing, have you bred dogs or livestock before, etc.  We have absolutely nothing against new show home! We all had to start somewhere, so don't be afraid to reach out. 

    Our price for Show/Breeding Prospects is the same as that of Pet Puppies. It is an honor for someone to show one of our puppies to it's AKC Championship. We appreciate all that goes into that. 

    Unless you have experience showing a natural eared boxer or plan to use a professional handler, all show puppies must be cropped. We will normally have this done before the puppy leaves, but exceptions can be made if you have and experienced cropping vet in your area that you would like to use and can get an appointment. Crops are an additional $500. 

boxers and boston terriers
boxer and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
boxers and boston terriers
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